Re: CU-SeeMe bandwith utilization?

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Tue, 01 Jul 1997 13:02:15 -0500

Rostislav V. Lyudmirsky wrote:
> Hello there, I was wondering if anyone could help me.
> I was running videoconferencing tests for my company and as one of
> the products I was using Cornell's CU-SeeMee because it allows to
> specify maximum send/receive rates and monitor the rate during the
> conferencing.
> For the tests I have maxed the rates at 60kbps, so that two-way
> conference should utilize about 120kbps (60+60). I have also used
> a network sniffer to detect the utilization independently. Now, this
> sniffer reports the rate to be 120KBytes per second, and not 120kbit per
> second as set in CU-SeeMe.
> Am I doing something wrong, or the CU-SeeMe actually uses KBps and not kbps.
> (It doesn't seem likely, considering CU-SeeMe is used with a modem that
> can't go that fast).
> I would really appreciate any insights, because if I can't resolve this
> problem, or videoconferencing does use so much bandwith, than my company
> would have to cancel this project.
> Thanks you.
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Increasing your rates will only cause you problems. You need to restrict
them to the capabilities of your equipment. You will get optimum results
by adhering to the rules shown at
Remember that these settings are for a full duplex modem. Half-duplex
will mean that you are going to cut your settings by half.

There are many factors involved in the actual receive and transmit
performance. A few: condition of lines, quality of provider's equipment,
CPU speed, types of cameras used, amount of traffic, phase of moon, etc.
I do not concern myself with transfer rate as much as the quality and
movement of the picture i.e. frame rate. I can live with 1 FPS. More, of
course, is better and can be achieved under the right conditions even
with modems running over twisted pair.
The attraction of CU Seeme is cross platform capability. There it stands

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