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Bill Woodland (
Fri, 04 Jul 1997 16:59:02 -0500

At 04:29 AM 7/5/97 +0800, aingeal13 wrote:
>Seem to have all the bits but can't c-u!
>Downloaded V.92b2 for Win95 @Cornell
>Followed FAQ for set-up etc, including launch from browser.=20
>Have 166 Pentium; Matrox 4mb Video; SB Awe64; 96mb RAM; NetComm336 modem;
>IP =3D PPP; MS Explorer v3.0.
>No vidcam as yet - see if system works first!
>Problems: (1) launch from browser - "denied access to" TEMP/@/?/??? - keeps
>adding names to folders it can't find ( path keeps getting longer at each
>access )

This version won't connect from a browser...that I know of.

> (2) launch from CU-SEEME - "unable to connect"

Check mt "Getting Started" section for info on setting rates, etc...that's
usually the problem. Keep in mind that if you'r trying to connect to a ref
outside your continent, a high receive rate could cause you more problems
than a lower setting. Try 10/18 and 10/24 for min/max transmit and receive
settings respectively (for a 28.8 modem). Adjust from there for best=

Be sure to download a reflector list in "phonebook.pbx" format from
Streak's web page, too. I have a link to it on the "Getting Started" page.

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