Re: free reflector software?

Bill Woodland (
Sun, 06 Jul 1997 11:32:39 -0500

At 05:43 PM 7/6/97 +0100, Isabelle Jenniches wrote:
>--for an exhibition I would like to set up a local reflector that would be
>accessed only by participants in the same building --as I have no unix
>machine to my disposal I wonder if it would be possible to let the
>reflector run on a PC --is there reflector software available for free?
>--and can the reflector machine present a movie while doing the reflector
>business in the background? --thnx for your help! --ij

In the NEWS section of my web page you'll find a link to Brian Godette's
win95/NT reflector program. It's free. As far as having that machine
present a movie while being a reflector, if you mean presenting it thru
CU-SeeMe, then NO, it can't. A machine that is a reflector cannot run
CU-SeeMe at the same time. That would be like runing an extension cord in
your house from one wall plug into gets you nowhere. Both
programs send and receive data on the same port, so no data would be able
to go from the client (CU) to the reflector and back out again.

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