Re: free reflector software?

Kent Starr (
Sun, 6 Jul 1997 13:45:02 -0500

But could one not log into the reflector as a participant (from a differe=
computer) and run an avi movie through CU-Doodle? Use the organization
(running the reflector) as the nickname for the CU client running
CU-Doodle, so other participants will know to leave that video window ope=

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> From: Bill Woodland (Squeek) <>
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> Subject: Re: free reflector software?
> Date: Sunday, July 06, 1997 11:32 AM
> At 05:43 PM 7/6/97 +0100, Isabelle Jenniches wrote:
> >--for an exhibition I would like to set up a local reflector that woul=
> >accessed only by participants in the same building --as I have no unix
> >machine to my disposal I wonder if it would be possible to let the
> >reflector run on a PC --is there reflector software available for free=
> >--and can the reflector machine present a movie while doing the
> >business in the background? --thnx for your help! --ij
> >
> In the NEWS section of my web page you'll find a link to Brian Godette'=
> win95/NT reflector program. It's free. As far as having that machine
> present a movie while being a reflector, if you mean presenting it thru
> CU-SeeMe, then NO, it can't. A machine that is a reflector cannot run
> CU-SeeMe at the same time. That would be like runing an extension cord
> your house from one wall plug into gets you nowhere. Both
> programs send and receive data on the same port, so no data would be ab=
> to go from the client (CU) to the reflector and back out again.
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