reflector running movie

Isabelle Jenniches (
Sun, 6 Jul 1997 22:16:02 +0100

In reply to my question
>--and can the reflector machine present a movie while doing the
>reflector business in the background?

Bill Woodland wrote
>As far as having that machine
> present a movie while being a reflector, if you mean presenting it thru
> CU-SeeMe, then NO, it can't.

Kent Starr wrote
>But could one not log into the reflector as a participant (from a different
>computer) and run an avi movie through CU-Doodle?

--thnx a lot for your quick responds! actually, it's much easier (although
I like the CU-Doodle idea a lot!) --I wanted the movie to be presented in
movieplayer on the reflector, so you would *see* only that, while in the
background the reflection work goes on --possible or too stressy?

concerning free reflector software Bill Woodland suggested
> In the NEWS section of my web page you'll find a link to Brian Godette's
> win95/NT reflector program. It's free.

--yep. I've been there, but the file does not want to come in --I'll keep

--many thnx! --ij