Recieving NASA TV Mars Video

Sun, 06 Jul 1997 16:58:20 -0400

To All,
I just finished installing 0.92b2 (5-19-97) version of CU-SeeMe
because an article in my local paper today said I needed it to view the
Mars Pathfinder video. The site I start from is : After the page comes up I go down to
the area that says "live audio/video from NASA TV", click and then
choose one of the reflector sites. There is no choice for me to relate
the CU-SeeMe software to the video choice so I don't know how to apply
it. The viewing instructions from the viewing site say that all you
need is Netscape 3.01 which I have. Also there is a note at the
beginning of the reflector page saying that they have been contacting
all major ISP's to change their firewall requirements to let people view
this info. So maybe I don't really have a problem with software-- it's
just my service. (prodigy)
If anyone wants to reply directly to me click on:


                  DON PAULSEN