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Bill Woodland (
Sun, 06 Jul 1997 21:45:44 -0500

At 10:16 PM 7/6/97 +0100, Isabelle Jenniches wrote:
>In reply to my question
>>--and can the reflector machine present a movie while doing the
>>reflector business in the background?
> Bill Woodland wrote
>>As far as having that machine
>> present a movie while being a reflector, if you mean presenting it thru
>> CU-SeeMe, then NO, it can't.
>Kent Starr wrote
>>But could one not log into the reflector as a participant (from a=
>>computer) and run an avi movie through CU-Doodle?
>--thnx a lot for your quick responds! actually, it's much easier (although
>I like the CU-Doodle idea a lot!) --I wanted the movie to be presented in
>movieplayer on the reflector, so you would *see* only that, while in the
>background the reflection work goes on --possible or too stressy?

You'll have to do something similar to what Kent said...use another
computer running CU, use CUDOODLE to capture the area that movieplayer is
showing the movie. Setup the reflecto to allow only one transmitter, and
include an ALLOW statement with that computer's IP address so it can ALWAYS
join the conference. The computer that runs the reflector program will
send the video from the other CUDOODLE computer out to all the lurkers that
join the conference.

>concerning free reflector software Bill Woodland suggested
>> In the NEWS section of my web page you'll find a link to Brian Godette's
>> win95/NT reflector program. It's free.
>--yep. I've been there, but the file does not want to come in --I'll keep
>--many thnx! --ij

I can email you the win95/NT version if you need me to...just let me know,
or I can put it on my FTP server at

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