Basic questions

Andre Fleurant (
Mon, 07 Jul 1997 09:43:32 -0400

Bonjour from Montreal,

I want to install a videoconferencing system. Being completely green in
this field, I dare ask a few questions.

This videoconferencing system would be used with a live class of 3-5 people in
the main location where the course would be given, and remotely attended in
a number (2-10) of remote locations.

People attending the remote classes must be allowed to ask questions and
attendees of all remote classes should be able to hear both the question
and the answer as well as seeing the teacher and the other classes.

Q. 1
Can CU-SeeMe be a good tool to use, for audio quality as well as video?

Q. 2
How does CU-SeeMe compare to MS-NetMeeting?

Q. 3
Where, in a book or on the net, can I obtain good instructions [without
having to enroll in PictureTel's Certified Videoconferencing Engineer (CVE)

What is the role of a REFLECTOR? I understand that it is necesssary for
sessioins of 3 or more participants.

To install a REFLECTOR, do I need to have a separate IP address. Currently
I am using a virtual server with my own sub-domain name and address.

Does CU-SeeMe exist in a French version?

Suggestions from those of you who have experience in remote classes will be
greatly appreciated.

Meilleures salutations et merci,

Andre Fleurant