Re: connections

Bill Woodland (
Mon, 07 Jul 1997 09:14:20 -0500

At 11:57 PM 7/6/97 -0400, wrote:
>Does anyone know what the deal is with reflectors that cant be connected to
>with the 16bit Windows CuSeeMe but can be connected to with the Win95
>version. Is there a fix for this??? (other than upgrading to WIn95) :)

The difference is in the client. In the 16 bit version, the default
receive rate is 300k, whereas the 32 bit version's default receive rate is
only 60kb. In some cases the default TRANSMIT rate caused problems with
the 16 bit version, because you couldn't adjust this if you had no video
device. Check the "How to fix the Cornell version" section on my web page
to find out how to adjust that setting manually.