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Rolf Hemmerling (
Tue, 08 Jul 1997 06:34:42 +0200

Andre Fleurant wrote:
> Bonjour from Montreal,
> I want to install a videoconferencing system. Being completely green in
> this field, I dare ask a few questions.

> Q. 1
> Can CU-SeeMe be a good tool to use, for audio quality as well as video?
Check Xtx against CU-SEEME !
> Q. 2
> How does CU-SeeMe compare to MS-NetMeeting?
CU-SEEME & XtX: Multiuser and 1-1 connections, Whiteboard, text chat,
MS-Netmeeting: 1-1 connections only, but You may share applications
(i.e. documents), plus whiteboard and text chat.
Vocaltech Iphone: Just 1-1 connections, plus whiteboard and textchat.
> Q. 3
> Where, in a book or on the net, can I obtain good instructions [without
> having to enroll in PictureTel's Certified Videoconferencing Engineer (CVE)
> Program?]
> Q.4-a
> What is the role of a REFLECTOR? I understand that it is necesssary for
> sessioins of 3 or more participants.
Yes, thats it. For Xtx, You must install a directory service server,
as far as I know.
> Q.4-b
> To install a REFLECTOR, do I need to have a separate IP address. Currently
> I am using a virtual server with my own sub-domain name and address.
If the ref is not connected to the Internet, You may use a static
local IP (no problem).
> Q.4.-b
> Q.5
> Does CU-SeeMe exist in a French version?
French people must learn english, too :-)
> Suggestions from those of you who have experience in remote classes will be
> greatly appreciated.
> Meilleures salutations et merci,
> Andre Fleurant
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