Re: Mac Reflector Software?--(also, can the Spam!)

Tue, 8 Jul 1997 22:46:34 -0400

>I have tried to locate the site which was listed for Mac Reflector software in
>the list archives, but without luck as of there a viable place to
>obtain reflector software for the Mac?

I found an old site and was able to ftp this reflector. But I never heard
from the person who posted it this info. I believe who was a student. I
passed the reflector on, hoping that the person I passed it onto would get
this reflector to work well pass this information on here. Not yet

Someone on this list said he had a Mac Reflector that worked and me and
another gentleman inquired about it, but we never heard back from him.

I was told by both Cornell and Whitepines they do not offer a reflector for
the Mac. I hope WhitePines will develope one with support.
If you are interested I will send you what I have. I am not tech guru so I
have no further info to offer.
>Also, I was whacked with CyberPromo spam immediately after signing up to this
>list, and then again upon setting to Digest!

I have only in the two years I owned this acct. gotten just a few "junk"
emails, now I get many! This acct is for our organization. I wish these
jerks would stop it. I can't imagine anyone taking their emails seriously!
>Debbie Swartz
>"The Wild BirdCam"

Can you tell me how you got you BirdCam up and running. Unfortuately I
logged on too late for a viewing but I will try back tomorrow
Take care
Chantel :-)