Re: quickcam driver causing probs with avi driver?

Bill Woodland (
Wed, 09 Jul 1997 10:24:05 -0500

At 04:16 AM 7/9/97 -0700, fred wrote:
>I recently installed the CU software (cornell win3.11) and my bw
>quickcam. After finding the appropriate web sites, I was able to to
>send and view camera videos. I had to modify a line in my system.ini
>file to msvideo=quickcam.drv, remarking out the avi driver file that was
>previously on the msvideo line.
>Now when I attempt to play an avi file created on another machine, I get
>an error about the version of the msvideo.dll file.
>I have heard from win95 users who do not have this problem, but this is
>win3.11 and there don't seem to be as many of us anymore. I would like
>to be able to play avi files again on this machine without having to
>remark shuffle these msvideo lines and restarting windows each time.
>Any suggestions are appreciated.

FYI It's not necessary to RESTART Windows after changing these lines in the
system.ini file. I'm not certain this will work, but to solve your
problem, try putting the AVI driver in as "msvideo1=avi...." and leave the
"msvideo=quickcam.drv" line in there, too. See if that fixes the problem.
If not, then I have no other suggestion besides the comment/uncomment
method you mention above.