Re: quickcam driver causing probs with avi driver?

fred (
Wed, 09 Jul 1997 16:07:12 -0700

Bill, thanks for the response. I did as you suggested and it failed
also, so I swapped remarks and it also failed, invalidating my original

I considered that something else failed me and have begun to re-download
the drivers for Video for Windows. Once re-installed, I will confirm at
least something working. From there, I can re-install the quickcam
drivers as needed. I'll have a basis with the msvideo1 option as you
note and hope that tales care of it.

thanks again for the lead and thanks for running such a great web site.


> >I recently installed the CU software (cornell win3.11) and my bw
> >quickcam. After finding the appropriate web sites, I was able to to
> >send and view camera videos. I had to modify a line in my system.ini
> >file to msvideo=quickcam.drv, remarking out the avi driver file that was
> >previously on the msvideo line.

> FYI It's not necessary to RESTART Windows after changing these lines in the
> system.ini file. I'm not certain this will work, but to solve your
> problem, try putting the AVI driver in as "msvideo1=avi...." and leave the
> "msvideo=quickcam.drv" line in there, too. See if that fixes the problem.
> If not, then I have no other suggestion besides the comment/uncomment
> method you mention above.