Re: Cu-SEEME with cable modem

Bill Woodland (
Wed, 09 Jul 1997 21:13:39 -0500

At 09:42 AM 7/9/97 +0000, Chad Theule wrote:
>Can you use a QuickCam and Cu-SeeMe software with a cable modem?
>I just had a cable modem with direct LAN-like Internet access installed in
>my home and I am considering purchasing a Connectic QuickCam with the
>Cu-SeeMe software. =20
>Thanks for the help,

A modem is a modem...can you do email? Netscape? Do you get an IP address
assigned to you when you connect to your ISP? I'm sure you do. Roy Morris
(author of FastChat) has a cable modem, and he says that he gets speeds of
up to about 500kbps. I've seen him on a reflector before using CU, so I
doubt that you will have any problems.

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