Video Cam

Fri, 11 Jul 1997 00:38:25 -0400


I have an older Sears VHS Video Camcorder 6xZoom ( think purchased in '89
or '90). I have been told that I could use this for CU-SeeMe. But do I
need special software to let the computer know to video from the Camcorder?
Also do you feel that a video camcorder is better than a quickcam? For you
webcam users would you use a camcorder instead of a quickcam? How do you
go about putting the video in your computer and say editing it and later
using it on a webpage. Also if I can edit it, can tracking be adjusted? I
have some video tapes with lines along the bottom. To connect the
camcorder to the computer, do I use the av port which resembles my printer
port and use a cable from the printer port to the camcorder? I am on a Mac
Performa PPC 6290CD

Many thanks
Chantel :-)