Re: Video Cam

Adrian Winnard (
Sat, 12 Jul 1997 20:18:22 +0100

>I have an older Sears VHS Video Camcorder 6xZoom ( think purchased in '89
>or '90). I have been told that I could use this for CU-SeeMe. But do I
>need special software to let the computer know to video from the Camcorder?
>Also do you feel that a video camcorder is better than a quickcam? For you
>webcam users would you use a camcorder instead of a quickcam? How do you
>go about putting the video in your computer and say editing it and later
>using it on a webpage. Also if I can edit it, can tracking be adjusted? I
>have some video tapes with lines along the bottom. To connect the
>camcorder to the computer, do I use the av port which resembles my printer
>port and use a cable from the printer port to the camcorder? I am on a Mac
>Performa PPC 6290CD

As far as I am aware your machine does have a video in and can therefore
work with a camcorder. You use the phono style input....hey, all this
should be in the manual!! Make sure that the Apple Video Player is set to
video input rather than TV input. CU-SeeMe will then give you the built in
video as an option in the menu under your local window.

You can only record what you put in....if you input video with mistracking
lines it is highly unlikely that you will be able to do much about them.
The Apple Video Player application enables you to record movies or take
stills to use in Web pages (stills must be converted from PICT format to
JPEG or GIF....I suggest GraphicConverter shareware).

You will discover that even a short movie in a small window size takes an
ENORMOUS amount of disk space. You will not be able to do anything like
full screen editing.

Email me direct for more info...