CU-SEEME 2.1.1x total expiration ?

Rolf Hemmerling (
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 17:30:24 +0200

Hi, when starting the WHITE PINE CU-SEEME demo version 2.1.1x, I got=20
the message that this version is totally expired, and that I must
enter a serial number to continue.

a) Does this happen because of a certain duration of evaluation,
i.e. with a new computer, a new WIN95, I may work for some more
month for free ? Or is this an *absolute* expiration, so that
anybody still loving the W.P. 2.1.1x demo version here is concerned ?
I heard so much bad news about the W.P 3.x version, probably I won=B4t
try. I still use a 486-DX133 PC.

b) Probably, I am going to turn to Cornell=B4s CU-SEEME version. I
got a b/w Quickcam, so no probs with that.

c) Does anybody know whether s/n for CU-SEEME 2.1.1x were posted
illegally in the newsgroups ? And if, when&where ? Dejavu ? Well.. I am
not begging for it, I just *ask* ! I don=B4t invite anybody to do anythin=
illegal, but if something very bad has already happened.. we can=B4t turn
back the clock. Looking at bad things already happened, that=B4s what we
do if we switch to the TV news in the evening, too.

d)Currently, I heard, the Internet registration fee was $49 for W.P.
3.x, for a short time only. I must pay 245 DM (=3D $144) for it in German=
from the local vendor as regular price, including VAT and
postage&packing. People in Europe, especially in Germany don=B4t own
credit cards (we know why, because it is *unsafe*), so I can=B4t pay the
low net fee.


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f)***Please*** stop that noise (i.e. mail to this mailing list)
about commercial mail floods, this annoying discussion about it in=20
this mailing list was a mail flood, too, in the last few weeks !!!!=20

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