Re: Viewing Mjpeg

Bill Ryan (
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 17:09:25 -0400

The MS-Windows CU-SeeMe MJPEG video codec is not compatible with either
Apple's M-JPEG A or M-JPEG B video codecs.
They also use differing 4 byte identifiers (so Apple's M-JPEG will never
even attempt to decode the Windows M-JPEG video).

Work is currently in progress on a Mac M-JPEG video codec which will be
compatible with Windows version.
We are hoping it will be available in time for our public Mac 3.0 beta
which hopefully will be happening very soon..........

Either way, thanks to QuickTime architecture, it is a plug'n play codec and
can be dropped in your system extension folder at any time.


> Is there any way for MAC users to sucessfully view video from
>Windows users using the Motion Jpeg codec? These people show up as hidden
>and highlighted red in the participant list. I have the motion jpegA and
>motion jpegB codecs available to me via quicktime 2.5. I thought that
>enhanced Cuseeme 2.0 wouild automatically adjust to the correct codec for
>decoding incoming video. I then thought that physically setting the codec
>in preferences would work and it doesnt. Anyone know of any soulutions to
>this issue aside from waiting for the WP realease of 3.0 for the mac
>which probably isnt going to happen soon (or ever)?

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