What minimum rates should I use?

Bill Williams (WEWilliams@osprey.smcm.edu)
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 08:33:15 -0700

Bill Woodland said:

>I usually use 10/20 and 10/24 for my min/max transmit and receive rates,
>respectivly. Having your rates set too high will cause timeouts. Keep in
>mind that you can't send more than 28k on a 28.8 modem. The default rates
>for the cornell version ar 10/60 and 10/60, so if you haven't adjusted them
>accordingly, you can expect to have problems.

What must I consider when setting the MINIMUM transmit and receive rates?
I understand the maximums (don't exceed modem speed, leave some bandwidth
for receiving and chatting), but what governs what minimums to use?

Bill Williams