White Pine reflector 2.1 for win95

Kevin McCluskey (kevinmc@nbnet.nb.ca)
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 20:03:17 -0300

I am running a small 25 user WhitePine Reflector vr 2.1 for win95

The computer is a P200 Accer with 64 megs of ram and 2 G hard drive
The NIC card is 3com 10/100 running at 10M/B

All that is running is the Reflector Controller on auto start and the
reflector software itself. Their is no Client Software for CU on the box.

I have this problem with White Pine Support a few problems and have sent my
log file and my Config file to them. They have not replied and I doubt
that they will unless I realy nag.

The ref seems stable until 10 or so users get on and then I start to get
fatal errors and the ref starts burping (restarting). The clients that are
attaching are mac or windows or win95.

Fatal error is: SocketSendTO(Cuseeme Unicast)
FATAL ERROR: (No such file or Directory) EXITING

B Godette was kind enough to explain that teh socket that listens for
CU-See Me Unicast Data (UDP port 7648) has been closed. Now since this is
a UDP socket, this error should never occur unless the reflector itself
closes the socket, or couldn't create it to begin with -- Unicast is set to


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