No (black) Video on PM7600

Taylor Poff (
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 16:20:51 -0700

I have a Powermac 7600 with built-in video, a Sony Hi8 camcorder,
&CUSeeMe .87b1.

I have looked over recent archive postings (related to the similar model
7500), and tried the following:

1) Turned off virtual memory.

2) Set Monitors Control Panel to 256 colors.

3) Turned of Hi8 mode in the camcorder.

4) Trashed the CUSeeMe preferences & let them regenerate.

Local video reads as happening in the window, with frame rates out,
etc., but I get only a black picture. Everything else seems to work
fine. Video through the Apple Video Player comes in flawlessly.

Thanks, & I will post any answer that I get if I can make it work, which
hasn't happened here so far I think...

------Taylor Poff