Workaround for cu-seeme problem with two IP addresses

Bill Woodland (
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 20:36:22 -0500

Several people have asked me how to deal with this problem, and I had yet
to come up with a workable solution. John Golini of Los Gatos, CA sent me
this info, which seems to be the easiest workaround for this particular
problem. His instructions are for Windows NT, so it will be slightly
different for Win95 users, but the basic idea should still work:

>When you have both a dial-up network and a local network, there are two
>different IP addresses for your system, one for your network adaptor and
>one for the dial-up connection. CU-seeme v92b2 grabs the wrong one when it
>starts up and fails to talk on the modem.
>The work around is to do the following:
>1. before starting cu-seeme connect the dial-up and note the IP address
>using dial up network monitor/summary/details.
>2. Go to control panel/network/protocols/tcp/ip protocol/properties and
>change the specified IP address (of your network adaptor) to the dial-up IP
>address, press the APPLY button.
>3. Start CU-seeme v92b2, it should get the dial-up IP address, DO NOT
>4. Go back and change the network adaptor IP address back to what it was,
>and exit with OK.
>Now you can run until you have to re-start CU-seeme, or the connection
>breaks and you have to dial in and get a different IP address.

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