Re: best config

Douglas Macduff (
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 19:46:02 -0700

HI all, Sorry for reposting this, but didn't receive a response or deleted
it by mistake.

I was using WP version 211 with win 3.11 and had no difficulty at all. NOw
I've switched to WIn 95 ( i have both win31 and win95 on my pc using system
commander, that allows me to boot up whichever that I choose) and when
using cu version211 by White Pine also have no difficulty, but when I
installed version 30, I get the error message that the
"audio/video subsystem had encountered an error: unspecified

And I get no vidoe in the test setup local video window (left side).

The system requirements states that a minimum of a Pentium 100 be used.
I only have a Pentium 75.
COuld this be the problem?
Can I still run version 30, or must I confine myself to continue with
version 211.

Thank you.