Re: best config

Russ Coffman (
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 21:23:48 -0500

>Note that You need a 17" monitor for 1024x768, and 20" or 21" for
>1200x1000 and bigger. And the graphics card must be able to drive
>this screen with at least 70 hz on the highest resolution and color
>depth !!!

Or, if you have a Mac, just plug in another old 14" monitor or two in
addition to yer 17" - plenty of real estate to do CU and whatever else at
the same time. Color depth > 16 bits just slows you down - don't bother.
Grayscale may be sufficient for most. Most Power Macs already have two video
ports (even my now-ancient 7100), so all you need is an old (cheap) monitor.
I happen to have a Radius VVS card, so that gave me three video ports. Two
14" monitors I picked up for $50 each plus my 17" gives me a LOT of display
space for pocket change. I usually have CU on the biggie, browser on #2, and
mail or network monitors on #3. That's CU and surfin' as it was meant to be
- definitely the luxo "best config." And of course, no need to restart if
you need to change color depth and/or resolution on any or all of them -
that would be SOOO primitive... yecch.

Don't try this on a Windoze system until Gates copies this feature. Where do
you want to go tomorrow? Maybe to this basic Mac feature from *1987*. :)

Oh - and while I CU, my VVS grabs frames from my TV and SiteCam grabs frames
from the QuickCam and ftp's them to my website every five minutes. That
leaves my built-in video port free for something else when I think of it. :)
ISDN helps, of course. Three simultaneous video inputs, three monitors, and
still two slots free for whatever - just yer basic plug'n'play Mac, no
anachronistic text files to diddle with or DLL and IRQ conflicts to resolve!
Save any lesser systems for spreadsheets and other simple office stuff.

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