cuseeme advice

stan kulikowski ii (
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 23:17:14 -0600

i have been trying the cuseeme vidphones for a couple months now and have
some questions. about a month ago the earlier mac version stopped sending
video and so i went to obtain an update, thinking it had some time
expiration. later i found out that i had done something to the video
extensions which caused the vid to fail.

but meanwhile, i thought i was ready to invest in white pine software,
having put about 25 hrs in the demo software. i could not find the
purchasing mechanism in the white pine site, and instead ended up
downloading a more recent demo for mac cuseeme. it said 30 day expiration,
so good, i would see what better features were there. color video, for

but all did not go to plan on this second demo. first, there was no sound
just like the earlier demo. the reflectors do not transport the audio
stream except as an ocassional chunks of meaningless croaks or disconnected
syllables. everyone on the reflectors communicate with the primitive chat

then the second demo started warning me that it would expire in 15 days,
then 14 days, then 13 days ... ok, i was following the countdown expecting
to buy a version at the end of it if i could find some solution to the
maven audio codec which would allow sound exchange. but with 12 days to
go, it suddenly announced that the time limit had expired. huh? i checked
my system clock and it was keeping time correctly, so i can only assume
that white pine program can not count down a calendar correctly besides
having no sound utility. does this software continue to disappoint the
more you use it?

is there an alternative to white pines to test? i keep noticing some
people in my lurkers list who claim to be sending vid. maybe this is the
mjpeg group i read about. also some of the win95 group could no longer see
me when i went to color. this does not seem like a stable software suite,
but them selling beta programs to anyone who will buy them. perhaps
someone from white pine might contact me so i can discuss the use of this
media in education and training.

also. the open reflectors are obviously not going to be around in a year.
i keep seeing the happy homos pushing onto the g-rated reflectors to
display their genitals. since they wont stay on the reflectors requesting
that kind of dull display, the free speech issue fails here and the open
reflector is doomed to closed channels, a moderated policestate. means
that schools and universities will only run closed channels for registered
students, and the peek shows will run only under subscription. everyone
else read it this way? free speech is taking a hit in the videophone

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