Re: A newbie with a question

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Fri, 18 Jul 1997 05:18:52 -0400

From: Chris <>
Subject: A newbie with a question

> I have a QuickCam (brand new) and a powerpc.
> btw, can anyone tell me what the usual fps for a 28.8 connection is?

I have a macintosh 840av (68k, 40 htz), black & white quickcam, and connect
at 28.8 bps. the max fps some1 received from me on a reflector was 11.0
fps. the average fps i transmit is 5.0 fps - 6.0 fps.

btw: the highest fps ive received on a reflector was from the linux version
of cuseeme: 28.0 fps. average was 19 fps. dont know what kind of connection
they had.

Mark Andrew Nassy <>