Re: firewall problem?

ike (
Sat, 19 Jul 1997 20:42:04 +0800 is the tcp/ip self-reflect address --- this is not a reflector

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On 07/18/97, at 07:02 PM, Graham Bradford wrote:

>I have a b&w connectix camera and have downloaded cu-seeme software from
>cornell(I have a pc with windows 95). The system works in as much as I=
>a box with my camer's video production there. What I have not been able=
>do is connect with anyone from outside. I have tried numerous reflector
>sites only to get the message ?Can't connect to ....' there is one site I
>seem to be able to get to is 'Streak's Ref. List' but there is
>never anyone else there.
>I had thought that the problem finding someone was due to our firewall,=
>my connection to the above site mean that the firewall isn't blocking me
>communicating with the outside world?
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