caller video window "splotchy"

Jaime & Lori Laughrey (
Sat, 19 Jul 1997 23:44:13 -0700

I've just started using CU-See Me, and the caller window isn't working
right. At first the picture is good, but over time it degrades into a
patchwork of images as if the whole window isn't updated. It looks like
a puzzle whose pieces aren't put together right. My own window looks
great. The person I'm talking to has the same problem. I look
splotchy, but his own window looks fine.

I'm using...
ZEOS 486-DX4-100
Greyscale QuickCam
SoundBlaster Pro
Cardinal MVPV34ISP Modem (33.6 Kbps v.34)
Windows 3.1

I don't have all of the info about the caller. He has a pentium, a 34K
modem, and is using Windows 95. If you need more info, I can get it for

Thank you for your help.