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I sent this to the indiviual. Sorry for the double posting, Andre!


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Andre Fleurant wrote: > > Bonjour,. > > Where could I get the information about the specs for a video capture card > for a Hitachi VM-E110A camera? You should select a capture card from the list found at http://cu-seeme.cornell.edu/~WCW/ which says List of Video Capture Boards that work with CU-SEEMe for Windows:

Product: Made by: Video Spigot (Discontinue) Creative Labs Video Blaster FS200 Creative Labs Video Blaster SE100 Creative Labs ComputerEyes RT Digital Vision ComputerEyes 1024 Digital Vision (with the Dec'94 driver) Screen Machine Classic unknown miroVideo DC1 TV miro Computer Products Reveal tv300 Reveal (1-800-473-8325) Orchid Vidiola Pro/D Orchid Technology Win/TV Cinema/TV-Celebrity/TV-HighQ Hauppauge Computer Works Targa Plus (16, 32, 64) TrueVision Movie Blaster unknown German company MediaPro+ Rombo (Scottish company) Captivator VideoLogic

Courtesy of Bill Woodland

This is a partial list. Others may work, but it is safe to stick with those found on this list as long as you don't have one already. I am partial to the Hauppauge card. Go to http://www.hauppauge.com/. The Reveal card is not available, as they have gone out of business. Others may be gone too. There are some cards that work better than others. Perhaps someone else might be able to shed more light on this subject.

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