Is a Pentium 133 too slow?

Trevor Crooks (
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 15:25:38 +0930


I am trying to run the White Pine Cu-SeeMe version 3.0 on a Pentium 133,
Windows 95 with a Compro D-Cam and a 28.8k modem without much luck.
Everything is very slow and I mean very slow, especially in the test
setup window; the rare connections I've
had have been useless. I have tried re-installing the program, different
video codecs and played
aroung with the video format and resolution etc. without any
improvements. Other video conferencing programs such as Vocaltec
Internet Phone and Microsoft Netmeeting do not seem to have the same
problems. Is it possible to use a colour parallel port camera with
this version of Cu-SeeMe on a Pentium 133 or do I need a faster machine?