Re: Is a Pentium 133 too slow?

Dave Enberg (
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 09:02:21 -0400

just thought I'd throw this in.....

I recently purchased ver 3.0 without realizing what the minimum system
requirements were (P100, 16 mb ram, LAN connection-56k). I installed it on
my office machine (P166, 64 mb ram, 1 mb MGA video card) and it CRAWLED!
so it was hopeless for my home machine (p75, 16 mb ram)

If you want to run 3.o, you will need a much faster processor and more
ram...also consider a video capture board for whatever cam you buy.
Regardless of all this, I think ver 3.0 is a waste of money. I too have
used Internet Phone with a color cam, and it works very well...even the
audio. I don't know what the problem with Cuseeme is, but I'm gradually
getting more and more disappointed in it.
> From: Trevor Crooks <>
> To:
> Subject: Is a Pentium 133 too slow?
> Date: Tuesday, July 22, 1997 1:55 AM
> Hi,
> I am trying to run the White Pine Cu-SeeMe version 3.0 on a Pentium 133,
> Windows 95 with a Compro D-Cam and a 28.8k modem without much luck.
> Everything is very slow and I mean very slow, especially in the test
> setup window; the rare connections I've
> had have been useless. I have tried re-installing the program, different
> video codecs and played
> aroung with the video format and resolution etc. without any
> improvements. Other video conferencing programs such as Vocaltec
> Internet Phone and Microsoft Netmeeting do not seem to have the same
> problems. Is it possible to use a colour parallel port camera with
> this version of Cu-SeeMe on a Pentium 133 or do I need a faster machine?
> Thanks,
> Trev