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Bill Woodland (
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 20:18:22 -0500

At 02:25 PM 7/22/97 -0400, Robert Lefebvre wrote:
>I Have a 765XD now and have never seen this message ... It seems more
>"settings" related, i would suspect the video modes of the capture
>device (size or color, or mono with a color cam) . As a matter of fact
>the info in the posting about v7320 was for the TP755CD ... the video
>chipset has changed on the 760 series.
>I have included part of my system.ini file here so you can compare but
>look at the settings of the capture device it is usualy set by CU in the
>preferences/video conf tab or by another program like quickpict that
>comes with the quickcam. If you are using a camcorder in the video IN
>port of the thinkpad rely on the CU settings and if it doesnt do
>anything try tweeking with the capture card settings with another
>software like Quickpict from connectix or DVP (Digital Video Producer)
>that came pre-installed on the thinkpad (im not sure for the 765D but it
>should be since you have the capture port).

If Michael is using the video IN port, Quickpic won't do him any good.
That program only sets parameters for the QUICKCAM. If you have some kind
of video capture program that is MADE for the capture card that is built
into the Thinkpad, then use this to adjust the settings before trying CU
again. Michael also didn't state which version of CU he is using, but as
it says at=20

>If your card is not listed here, see if it supports one of the following
video formats:
> 8 or 4 bit gray=20
> RGB 16 (also known as RGB 15)=20
> Indeo 3.2=20
> RGB 8=20
> YUV422=20
> YVU9 Planar (Indeo Raw)=20
>If your capture card is not listed above, but does support one of the
above video formats, it will likely work.
>If you do get a funky local video image, it is because sometimes a video
format is implemented differently by
>different vendors.

If you're using the White Pine version, check=20

but I didn't see the Thinkpad mentioned there.

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