Re: P133 too slow?

Andrew Clarke (
Wed, 23 Jul 1997 18:50:08 BST

> just thought I'd throw this in.....
> I recently purchased ver 3.0 without realizing what the minimum system
> requirements were (P100, 16 mb ram, LAN connection-56k). I installed it on
> my office machine (P166, 64 mb ram, 1 mb MGA video card) and it CRAWLED!
> so it was hopeless for my home machine (p75, 16 mb ram)
> If you want to run 3.o, you will need a much faster processor and more
> ram...also consider a video capture board for whatever cam you buy.
> Regardless of all this, I think ver 3.0 is a waste of money. I too have
> used Internet Phone with a color cam, and it works very well...even the
> audio. I don't know what the problem with Cuseeme is, but I'm gradually
> getting more and more disappointed in it.

The problem isn't CU, it's what White Pine have done to it. They took
version 2.1.1, which was relatively lean on system requirements, updated
some codecs, added another, and bolted on one of the most useless
interfaces it's ever been my misfortune to see. And I've helped people
with thier first Visual Basic projects, so I know bad interface design
when I see it :)

The number of requests I get (to my 'other' email address) asking for
help in locating version 2.1.1 for them to use instead of 3.0 is quite

All it needs is for some enterprising person to pay the $75 to Cornell,
get the 0.92b1 source and retrofit colour codec support and I can see
thousands of people dumping 3.0 for good. All I can hope is that White
Pine are capable of listen to what people are telling them and when 3.1
(or 3.01) is released they have made it faster and have at least allowed
people to make the interface more 2.1.1-like.

As to IPhone, good system, no reflectors.

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