Re: JAVA-based version of CUSeeMe?

Rolf Hemmerling (
Thu, 24 Jul 1997 20:58:47 +0200

Nico Pot wrote:

> By the way, one of the biggest internet providers in the netherlands
> (planet Internet), supported and owned by the one and only dutch telephone
> com. for individuals also doesn't support cu-seeme.
Look at my site, there is a link to WEBCAST, which is a video
transmission system *by HTML*. Unfortunately, the new shareware version
does not allow other users to chat with the sender. It works with
Netscape only, too, btw. How about changing Your browser back to
the standard Modzilla ?
If IRC works with Your account, You may combine IRC chatting with this
video broadcast !

In Germany, there is a *free* Internet access (besides the local
phone costs) in some towns like my hometown Hannover, called
Germany.Net. It is a Proxy-based service, so it does not allow


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