Best Cornell version?

Douglas Macduff (
Fri, 25 Jul 1997 15:50:25 -0400 (EDT)

Hello everyone, nice to CU today..:)

I have a friend who has a 133mhz Pentium, WIn95, 33.6k modem, multimedia, etc.
She has not heard of CU, believe it or not, and I own the white pine version,
but she needs to try it out before buying but I don't know which VERSION to
reccommend to her.

I also need the site (URL) where she can download the version ? from. To be
sure, the Cornell url NOT the white pine because of the timeout.

I've tried to subscribe her to this mailing list, but unfortunately,
computers nowadays are too smart and recognized the fact that it was I and
on my own computer who subscribed her and I received a letter that I was
already subscribed....darn!
Therefore, I realize now that one has to do oneself own work sometimes,
nobody can do it for you.
Without taking up more of your time, I ask (please) for the URL, and the

Maybe I can enlighten some of you with as additional program for CU? It's
called SEE MAIL. It can be found at:

Only problem I have with this program is I cannot use it, as it always
directs me back to their url...I wonder what gives with this program?

Thanks very much in advance, as I would only fill up your mailboxes with
gratitude and wasted time and space, where I'm sure you all would rather be
reading other letters.
Cape Codder