Re: JAVA-based version of CUSeeMe?

Rolf Hemmerling (
Sat, 26 Jul 1997 07:19:36 +0200

> > >CU-SeeMe viewer, live video over the Web via a Java applet!
> > >Views CU-SeeMe and nv videostreams from a CU-SeeMe reflector.
Look at my homepage about CU-SEEME,there are the *right* links
to the author and JavaCU

This JavaCu does not help anybody but webmasters: The HTML server
which displays the homepage with the Java applet mut be the same which
runs the Cu-reflector. And, as far as I learned, it=B4s just silent
video receiving, no audio transmission, no video sending by the
viewer of the HTMLcode. So JavaCu is like a silent-movie webcam
for viewing the webmasters video (or the video of any other people able
to run real software on a server), not for the common CU-users !
So You need a CU-Seeme client for sending, too.=20

So currently I am not able to test, but.. a free webcam is great, too !


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