Re: Best Cornell version?

Bill Woodland (
Sat, 26 Jul 1997 21:19:13 -0500

At 03:50 PM 7/25/97 -0400, Douglas Macduff wrote:
>Hello everyone, nice to CU today..:)
>I have a friend who has a 133mhz Pentium, WIn95, 33.6k modem, multimedia,
>She has not heard of CU, believe it or not, and I own the white pine=
>but she needs to try it out before buying but I don't know which VERSION to
>reccommend to her.

The new version from Cornell is for win95/NT only, and is version number
0.92b2. Keep in mind that this version doesn't support color at all.

>I also need the site (URL) where she can download the version ? from. To be
>sure, the Cornell url NOT the white pine because of the timeout.

>I've tried to subscribe her to this mailing list, but unfortunately,
>computers nowadays are too smart and recognized the fact that it was I and
>on my own computer who subscribed her and I received a letter that I was
>already subscribed....darn!=20

Don't subscribe her...we have enough people that can't get UNSUBSCRIBED
when they are ready. You could just forward pertinent info to her yourself.

>Therefore, I realize now that one has to do oneself own work sometimes,
>nobody can do it for you.=20
>Without taking up more of your time, I ask (please) for the URL, and the
>Maybe I can enlighten some of you with as additional program for CU? It's
>called SEE MAIL. It can be found at: =20
>Only problem I have with this program is I cannot use it, as it always
>directs me back to their url...I wonder what gives with this program?
>Thanks very much in advance, as I would only fill up your mailboxes with
>gratitude and wasted time and space, where I'm sure you all would rather be
>reading other letters.
>Cape Codder
Bill Woodland (Squeek =A9) PC questions only, please.
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