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Bill Woodland (
Sun, 27 Jul 1997 12:26:57 -0500

At 10:06 AM 7/27/97 -0400, truckerx wrote:
>To everyone who gave me cudoodle setup advice:
>Thanks to your help, I was able to sucessfully get cudoole to run. One
>major problem that I am having now is that I am unable to change the
>video capture device from Cudoodle back to Qcam. I get the message
>"Cannot change digitizer." This prevents me from using my Qcam. In
>other words, it seems that I am married to cudoodle for ever. Cudoodle
>appears everytime I start CU-seeme. I enjoyed trying out
> how do I put it to rest? Win95, Pentium, Wpine 2.1.
>Thanks in advance.

I've had this happen before, too. Make sure CU is closed first, then edit
the ini file by hand:

Start/Run/Notepad c:\windows\cuseeme.ini

Find the [Capture Settings] section and change the 1 in
"CaptureDeviceIndex=3D1" to a zero, or vice-versa. Save the changes.
Restart CU.

The CaptureDeviceIndex is a number which should correspond with the
"msvideo=3D" line in the [drivers] section of the system.ini file for the
driver you want to use. For example:


CaptureDeviceIndex of 0 (zero) would be for my Videologic Capticator card.
1 would be for CUDOODLE, and 2 would be for the quickcam.

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