Re: What Tim Dorcey is doing now!

Kenny Hannah (
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 09:37:02 -0500

avid Stevens wrote:

> Mike Baranowski wrote:
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> > Just FYI...looks like Tim Dorcey (inventor of CU-SeeMe compression
> > algorithm) is working on a new video conference engine/product....
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> >
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> > -Mike Baranowski
> > Jeeves
> Downloaded the Beta of Dorcey's iVisit software last night. Loaded it
> and attempted to use it. Nada. Didn't work right off. I've not taken
> the
> time to yet to try and find out why. Nobody on line at any of the
> supported conferences anyway...not a single soul.
> David Stevens

I Also downloaded the beta of Dorcey's iVisit software last night.
Loaded it and on the first time
connected with Squeek (Bill Woodland). He was just trying it out also.
Movement in the not so good grayscale was good, but there were no other
to connect with. Maybe thats because the program is so new.
The program is pretty neat I think but your "mileage may vary". I'll
tell some friends to download it to connect with them. Don't need to go
through a crowded reflector to see them. Peace everyone!

Ken Hannah