Re: CuSeeMe and PowerMac 6500

Adrian Winnard (
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 22:40:30 +0100

>Has anyone had any success with CUSeeMe .87 and the PowerMac 6500. I
>have tried several times and cannot get CUSeeMe to recognize the
>6500's internal video digitizer. Apple's own Apple Video Player works
>fine so I know there is no hardware problem. It used to work great on
>my old PowerMac 8100.
>I brought this item up when .87 was in beta but got no responses.
>Any comments are appreciated.

There was a post a while ago from someone with a 5500 who could not get
CUSEEME to work with the video digitizer. I fear that there may have been a
change to recent hardware/software which makes it unsuitable. I have used
the internal digitizer on my 5320 so I know it works on older models. I
have yet to hear a definitive response from someone who knows for sure if
this is an unsurmountable problem. If you find the answer I would be
interested to know as we are getting a 5500 at work (which I think uses the
same board).