Re: What Tim Dorcey is doing now!

Bill Woodland (
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 17:39:43 -0500

At 07:53 AM 7/28/97 -0400, David Stevens wrote:
>Mike Baranowski wrote:
>> Just FYI...looks like Tim Dorcey (inventor of CU-SeeMe compression
>> algorithm) is working on a new video conference engine/product....
>> -Mike Baranowski
>> Jeeves
>Downloaded the Beta of Dorcey's iVisit software last night. Loaded it
>and attempted to use it. Nada. Didn't work right off. I've not taken the
>time to yet to try and find out why. Nobody on line at any of the
>supported conferences anyway...not a single soul.
>David Stevens

I got it late last night, and once I got connected, Ken Hannah connected to
me with his MAC .....seemed to work pretty well for the short time I tried
it out.

The concept of connecting via email address is one that I've been pushing
for quite a while. This feature alone makes IVisit a real interesting
vidconf application.