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Bill Woodland (
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 22:05:12 -0500

At 03:02 PM 7/28/97 -0700, Amy wrote:
>OK I've been lurking here on the list for some time. I've absorbed a=
>just by being here. But I'm an old time FreeVue user without a cam.
>Fortunately I just won with a bid on a Black and White Quickcam which=
>come shortly. So I guess I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and learn about
>CuSeeMe after all! I've tried a couple of times in the past and it was=
>so complicated I could not figure it out. And after being on this list for
>some time ... well I'm even more intimidated than ever. :) =20
>However I'm a brave sort. But before I get my camera I thoght I better
>begin to get educated. Can someone suggest a primer of sorts for a real
>DUMMY? I have been sucessful getting Cudoodle up and running on FreeVue so
>I'm not TOTALLY out there! LOL Any help would be appreciated. I'm
nervous! =20
>And thanks for all you guys do (cept the spammers!) ... I have learned a=
>... walking off wondering if she can EVER figure out this Reflector shit. =
>Amy in Arizona

You're a brave woman, Amy. Here's a few tips, but not just for you:

Check my "Getting Started" section for easy instructions on downloading,
unzipping, and initial setup of the Cornell 0.92b2 version of CU. If
there's anything there which you don't understand, be sure to let me know
so I can improve it. Follow the entire thing, including the part about
getting a reflector list and setting up your nickname, rates, etc.

Once you've installed the quickcam software, you'll need to run SYSEDIT to
edit the system.ini file, since you've already setup the cudoodle driver.
Look in the [drivers] section for this:


Change these lines to say:


Then restart win95. This will make the quickcam the first video driver, so
that Cornell's version .92b2 will use it, but the White Pine version should
still be able to select it. You may also need to go to start/control
panel/multimedia/advanced/capture devices/cudoodle//do not use this device
and then on quickcam select DO use this device...again, restart win95 if it
still doesn't work.

Once you startup CU, you should see your own local video window. Click on
edit/preferences/video/format and select 120X160 and 16 shades of grey.
Also click on the palette button and again select 16 shades. Click on OK
over and over again. Now go to edit/preferences/video/source and you
should start out by setting the brightness to automatic, and click on both
of the RESET buttons you find there. (Geez, should I add this to my
"getting Started" page?). Adjust from there. Be sure that the light comes
at your face from BEHIND the camera, so no glare is created.

A few other helpful notes:
Go to my ftp server at and get the file,
expand it, and use it to mirror

Be sure to tell WebMirror to modify the links, and click on Options and set
it for about 6 levels, 50 files, and at least 800K. This will give you a
LOCAL copy of the whole Cornell verison 0.92b2 web page directory. Go to
Netscape, and click on File, then "open file in browser" and point to your
local copy of the V32XFront.html file. Set a bookmark to it. From now on
you can look at these pages without using any bandwidth at all just by
selecting it from the bookmarks. You can run CU at the same time, and
looking at these pages won't affect your modem usage at all. I've done
this with several other web sites that i fond I can't live without.

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