More questions

Mon, 28 Jul 1997 21:30:01 -0700

Thanks to all who have responded with help/advice. I spoke to USrobotics
today. They gave me an init string. Now I've gotten into refs but a few
minutes in my modem freezes. Stops sending AND receiving. It no longer
hangs up though and I guess thats progress. Perhaps someone could offer
some advice on the various S/R setting? I'd also like to knwo what
change tolerance and refresh interval should be set at?

Another weird, to me, thing that started happening. I keep getting a
phantom com port. Everytime I start my machine it does an adding new
hardware. In device mgr this phantom port apppears without a number? I
delete and it returns. Oops, sorry about the topic drift. But, they
seem to be related.

Thanks again for the help. CU soon. (I hope)