Re: CuSeeMe and PowerMac 6500

John Ingham (
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 16:27:27 +0930

Scott Livesey asked...

>Has anyone had any success with CUSeeMe .87 and the PowerMac 6500. I
>have tried several times and cannot get CUSeeMe to recognize the
>6500's internal video digitizer. Apple's own Apple Video Player works
>fine so I know there is no hardware problem. It used to work great on
>my old PowerMac 8100.

Back on Dec 10 1996, Dave Abramowitz posted the following...

>I found the answer to my problem of not being able to send video on my
>PowerMac 8500. Here is the scoop:
>>Known problems:
>>1. We still cannot use the built-in digitizer (video-in) on a 7500 or
>>8500 PPC if virtual memory is turned on. You must turn off virtual
>>memory if you want to use that digitizer. (Yes, it *is* a bug!)
>The above excerpt comes from a readme file regarding the version
>information for 0.85b1 for the Power Macintosh. Indeed, that was the
>problem. I turned off Virtual Memory, and I can now send video
>successfully. I got to the readme file from
>an excellent source of CU-Seeme info.

Maybe, just maybe, this relates to the 6500's internal video digitiser too.
It's worth a try anyway. Oh, and for "virtual memory" also read "Ram

A final word, I tried to point my web browser at the "Mac Problems" page at
the address shown above but it just timed out - other pages were OK like
"PC Problems" and "CU-SeeMe FAQ" though so it's still worth a look.

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