[Mac] Re: PowerMac 6500/Apple Video

Mike Baranowski (mhb@netcom.com)
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 10:27:38 -0500

>>Has anyone had any success with CUSeeMe .87 and the PowerMac 6500. I
>>have tried several times and cannot get CUSeeMe to recognize the
>>6500's internal video digitizer. Apple's own Apple Video Player works
>>fine so I know there is no hardware problem. It used to work great on
>>my old PowerMac 8100.

One thing worth trying is updating your Apple Video Software. You can find
these (and other updates) at http://swupdates.info.apple.com/

The Video SW Install files updates are located at:

ReadMe files contents:

Apple Video Player 1.4.2 features the following:
- Improved memory management
- Improved error handling when TV/FM Tuner Card is not installed
- Improved support for Teletext
- Improved support for remote control
- Improved balloon help
- Improved support for Apple Video Player and WindowShade
- Improved preview window display
- Improved support for localization

In addition, Apple Video Player 1.4.2 fixes the following problems:
- TV window aspect ratio incorrect when monitor size changes
- Controls Window not refreshing correctly
- Apple Adjustable keyboard volume controls not working correctly
- Returning audio CD sound when muted simulataneously with TV.
- Screen redrawing incorrectly after window size is changed
- Video not displaying after MPEG=CAmovie is stopped
- Apple Video Player sound controls and balance controls affect FM Tuner
- Mute being canceled while an MPEG=CAmovie is playing
- 580-series Macintosh does not recognize TV/FM Tuner Card
- Teletext font does not get installed on European systems
- Stereo/SAP indicator displaying incorrectly

-Mike Baranowski