Re: CuSeeMe and PowerMac 6500

jj (
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 12:40:14 -0800

Reference the problems cited below (including WP ver 2 CU-Enhanced). I run
the current version CU-Enhanced with a Color QuikCam on a PowerMac
6500/250, System 7.6.1, virtual memory on ... and it works just fine.


>>Has anyone had any success with CUSeeMe .87 and the PowerMac 6500. I
>>have tried several times and cannot get CUSeeMe to recognize the
>>6500's internal video digitizer. Apple's own Apple Video Player works
>>fine so I know there is no hardware problem. It used to work great on
>>my old PowerMac 8100.
>"Dr. Jonathan Crellin" <> wrote:
>I've had the same problem with the 5500 (and posted a request for help here
>a few weeks ago)
>I've tried the White Pine version 2 demo (no joy) however this did
>recognise the internal video digitiser was present and gave me an error
>message VDSetPlayThryDestination-2208 (which wasn't very helpful). I tried
>some shareware software that used to work with the video digitiser on my
>old Performa 630, and it generated the same error message.
>I suspect that the hardware has changed, and is no longer compatible with
>current versions of CU.