Re: What Tim Dorcey is doing now!

Rolf Hemmerling (
Wed, 30 Jul 1997 06:53:46 +0200

Michael Kankiewicz wrote:
> > I Also downloaded the beta of Dorcey's iVisit software last night.
> > Loaded it and on the first time
> I tried clicking on the link to the demo, but it's pretty much just a
> blank page. Am I doing something wrong?
The demo page is for screenshots and/or movies about iVisit. Download is
at the download button (it works). Today, the beta 2 release for PC
is announced.

I had a successfull conference with 5 participants (works well, audio
did not yet work with the PC beta 1 version, but with the MAC version
only, check the new version !)


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