[Mac] Re: Video Size

Mike Baranowski (mhb@netcom.com)
Wed, 30 Jul 1997 10:04:07 -0500

guako@aol.com wrote :

>I downloaded the Mac version of CU-SeeMe from Cornell. The software
>works great except for the size of the video that I'm transmitting. It
>seems that when I call a reflector the video screen that I transmit to
>some of the participants is large while it appears small to others. I
>have started connecting with myself before trying to call a reflector
>and my video window is always large. I resize it and then call a
>reflector, yet still have the problem of showing up with a large screen
>with some participants. My question.....how do I stop this problem?

On the Mac Version, no matter what resolution is being received, you can
enlarge or reduce the video window. Why some see you in a different
resolution/size from others depends on their prefs and how they viewed you

To control your transmitted resolution, click on the rightmost icon in your
local video window (the one with two horizontal lines) to view your
Preferences. Select Compression, then either High Resolution for 320x240
or Standard Resolution for 160x120.

-Mike Baranowski