Re: QuickCam VC help: appear as a lurker

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Subject: QuickCam VC help: appear as a lurker
Author: at EXTERNAL
Date: 7/1/1998 12:56 AM

Hi there all ...

Firstly, where are the CU-SeeMe list archives?
only goes up to Januray 95.

I recall some questions recently about getting the QuickCam VC working
under Windows but I can't find the archives.
I have Cornell Cu-SeeMe 0.92b2 and a QuickCam VC - not what I wanted but
I'm in a big hurry.

I get CU-SeeMe to show video locally but it does not send the video. That
is, I'm seen as a lurker to others.

I did a quick search of QuickCam's site - no luck.

Can anyone help me out - PLEASE!
Am in a rush for results here!

Please email personally as I get the list in digets form.


Geoffrey Rehn
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