Re: QuickCam VC help: appear as a lurker

Wayne Fisher (
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 08:16:44 -0400

Geoffrey Rehn wrote:

> Hi there all ...
> Firstly, where are the CU-SeeMe list archives?
> only goes up to Januray 95.
> I recall some questions recently about getting the QuickCam VC working
> under Windows but I can't find the archives.
> I have Cornell Cu-SeeMe 0.92b2 and a QuickCam VC - not what I wanted but
> I'm in a big hurry.


You're problem is probably caused by the fact that the QuickCam VC does NOT
support sending of b/w video, and Cornell CU-SeeMe 0.92b2 ONLY supports b/w
video. That is why you are not transmitting video.

You may want to try out the latest White Pine CUSeeMe (currently version, which is available at If you would rather
use freeware (even if it doesn't come with tech support), try out the latest
Cornell Color 1.0, which Bill Woodland has graciously posted at

Each program has it's strong points, but I'm not gonna comment since I get
bashed every time I DO comment.

Hope this helps you out....

- Wayne

> I get CU-SeeMe to show video locally but it does not send the video. That
> is, I'm seen as a lurker to others.
> I did a quick search of QuickCam's site - no luck.
> Can anyone help me out - PLEASE!
> Am in a rush for results here!
> Please email personally as I get the list in digets form.
> Geoffrey
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